My name is Rebecca and I am a 23 year old Canadian who is trying to find her place in the world.  In March 2011, I was offered a position as an au pair in Geneva, Switzerland for a year.  I leave for my new home away from home in August 2011.  Until then, this blog will detail my life as I prepare to abandon it for a new one! Once I arrive, the blog will be dedicated to the trials and tribulations of being an au pair, not that expect to have too many problems (*fingers crossed*).


1.  What I do in Canada:

I just finished up at York University and I work for the City of Toronto as a part-time Aquatic Supervisor and Lifeguard.  In my free time (which I do not have much of), I like to swim, read, and enjoy Toronto with my friends.

2.  Why I started a blog:

I figure that I will be spending most of my free time while in Europe writing separate emails to friends and family about my time abroad.  Instead, I hope to cut down on those lengthly emails by posting most of my stories on here for everyone to read.  This does not mean that I wont be sending home those emails.  It just means they might be a bit shorter.

3.  Why I am au pairing:

Since the age of twelve, I have always found some way of incorporating working with children into my life.  It started out babysitting, then I became a swim instructor.  From there I have volunteered in classrooms (Grades k-12) for over 6 years as well as day camps and after school programs.  I feel like the day is always more exciting when working with children, and I find that I become more involved in my work (whether its planning activities or running them).  When I found out about the chance to work with youth while improving my French and travelling through Europe, I jumped at the chance.  I cannot think of a better way to spend a year!

4.  How often I will be posting:

That all depends on what is happening in my life.  Some days, I may post more than once, and then there may be quite a few days in between the next one.  My life is not interesting every minute, as hard as that may seem. :P